IL-AFLAN provides civil legal services across Illinois. It is a network of more than 10 legal aid organizations and law school clinics.

Its key features and eligibility requirements include:

  • statewide hotline that provides legal information, advice, brief services (including the preparation and review of legal documents), and referrals to veterans, service members, national guard, reservists, and their spouses and dependents. The hotline acts as the hub of the network.
  • Uniform eligibility guidelines80% of Chicago Area Median Income (applies statewide), no dishonorable discharges, spouse or dependent can’t use services in legal action adverse to veteran/service member.
  • CALL 855-IL-AFLAN (855-452-3526) TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY if you are a veteran, service member, national guard, reservist, or spouse or dependent. Call to talk about discharge upgrades, benefits appeals, and civil legal problems like Family, Housing, and Consumer issues.
  • Please call when you have time to talk with an attorney and any relevant documents in front of you. On average, you will be speaking to an attorney in about five minutes. If wait times are unusually long you will be prompted to arrange a call-back after waiting for 10 minutes. You will never wait more than 10 minutes.

Need Help with Non-Legal Issues?

Illinois Attorney General's Military and Veterans Rights Bureau